Edgecombe County Public Schools

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Welcome to the Exceptional Children's Department

The Edgecombe County Public School System provides special education and related services to children with differences from ages 3 to 21.

Our Mission

  • To facilitate the successful participation and access of atypical learners in the general curriculum
  • To provide a full range of program options to meet diverse needs
  • To prepare each exceptional student to transition into the adult world
  • To work collaboratively with all regular education programs to promote success for at-risk learners

 Programs and Services

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

  • Section 504/Americans with Disabilities (ADA)

  • School Based Mental Health

  • Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program (AIG)

  • Preschool (PreK, Title One, EC)

  • Hospital/Homebound Services (504 and EC)

  • School Psychology

  • Related Services (Transportation, Audiology, Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapy)

  • Medicaid Billing

  • Vision, Orientation, and Mobility Services

  • Transition Services

Resources for Schools