ECPS Exits Low Performing District Status

Eleven of ECPS’s fourteen schools met or exceeded expected growth in 22-23.  

Growth is measured by a statistical model that compares each student’s predicted test score, based on past performance, against his or her actual results.


Five ECPS schools exceeded expected growth expectations: Coker-Wimberly Elementary School, Edgecombe Early College High School, Martin Millennium Academy, Stocks Elementary School and West Edgecombe Middle School.  

This year marks the first time Stocks Elementary School and Coker-Wimberly Elementary School have exceeded growth since the inception of North Carolina School Performance Grades.


Edgecombe Early College High School has received a School Performance Grade of A and exceeded growth expectations each year since 2015.


Six ECPS Schools met expected growth: North Edgecombe High School, Phillips Middle School, Princeville Elementary School, South Edgecombe Middle School, SouthWest Edgecombe High School, and Tarboro High School.

“I celebrate our growth and congratulate our principals, teachers, school staff, and district staff for their hard work.  There is still work to do, and we have the team to make it happen.  We will continue forward as we create innovative experiences for our students that will lead them toward our graduate aims,” said Dr. Michael Myrick, Deputy Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer.


Eleven ECPS schools showed an increase in academic achievement rates: G.W. Bulluck Elementary School, Coker-Wimberly Elementary, Martin Millennium Academy, North Edgecombe High, W.A. Pattillo Middle, Princeville Elementary, West Edgecombe Middle, SouthWest Edgecombe High School, Stocks Elementary, Tarboro High School, and West Edgecombe Middle School.


Superintendent Dr. Andy Bryan is confident the district is well on the way to ensuring all ECPS students have the opportunity to be successful. 


“I am excited and encouraged to see the progress our school system has made. Our new school year is off to a fantastic start and we are committed to continuing the hard work of improving outcomes for all students,” said Bryan.