ECPS receives U.S. Department of Agriculture Grant

ECPS proudly announces its receipt of a $998,388 Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a significant milestone for our district. The grant, ceremoniously presented recently at South Edgecombe Middle School, reinforces our commitment to advancing education and support services in the community.

Dr. Andy Bryan, ECPS Superintendent, along with esteemed board members, accepted the grant. The grant proposal, co-written by ECPS Director of Technology Joseph Hayes and ECPS Director of Student Support Services Dr. Chanda Battle, has paved the way for transformative initiatives.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Sheriff Clee Atkinson of the Edgecombe County Sheriff's Office for his presence at the ceremony, as well as representatives from the offices of Senator Thom Tillis and Senator Ted Budd.

This substantial grant empowers ECPS to acquire 100 state-of-the-art telecommunications systems for classrooms and 10 Telehealth stations dedicated to counseling. These resources align with our strategic goals, which include:

Establishing district-wide, synchronous delivery of social-emotional learning (SEL): Fostering a comprehensive approach to SEL across all classrooms, ensuring students receive vital emotional support.

Offering HIPAA-compliant 1:1 counseling for identified at-risk students: Prioritizing the well-being of our students by providing personalized, confidential counseling services to those in need.

Expanding professional development training in social-emotional learning: Investing in the growth of our educators to enhance their capabilities in delivering effective social-emotional learning experiences.

Making specialized services available across the district: Ensuring equitable access to specialized services, addressing the unique needs of our diverse student population.

This grant marks a pivotal moment in ECPS's journey, propelling us toward a future where innovative technology and comprehensive support services converge for the benefit of our students and community.