ECPS PowerSchool Team presents at state conference

Nai Barnes, District PowerSchool manager, and Yvette Spells, PowerSchool Manager at South Edgecombe Middle School, were among other key state and district leaders to share their knowledge of Home Base products – including PowerSchool. Over 1,300 people attended the Symposium.

Barnes, who has served as the District PowerSchool manager for three years and was previously a school manager for nine years, led the presentation on “Untangling Daily Attendance.”  Spells, who has served as a School PowerSchool manager for eleven years co-led the presentation.   Over 130 participants joined their session. 

“It is very important that students are at school every day – all day.   ECPS and each school’s attendance committee work with our students and families to encourage good attendance,” said Janet Morris, ECPS Director of Accountability.

“Ms. Barnes and Ms. Spells, along with our other PowerSchool managers, work diligently to make sure attendance policies and procedures are followed.   Their expertise in tracking attendance correctly in PowerSchool served as the catalyst for these two ladies being selected to share at this conference,” added Morris.