Keihin Awards Scholarships to ECPS Seniors

Through the company’s Keihin Foundation Scholarship Program, a first-place scholarship at each school was awarded in the amount of $2,500. Three second-place scholarships of $1,000 are also granted to each of the traditional high school students and one of the $2,500 scholarship recipients is selected as the winner of a four-year scholarship of $4,500 to be distributed in the amount of $1,500 in the first year and $1,000 per year for the remaining three years.

Alejandro Garcia-Cepeda from Tarboro High School was selected as the overall winner. He plans to attend North Carolina State University in the fall to study software engineering.

The recipients will be formally recognized at their high school’s awards ceremonies.

2017 Keihin Scholarship Recipients

Tarboro High School

Alejandro Garcia-Cepeda ($4500)

Keyonna Bryant ($1000)

Lindsey Harris ($1000)

Shatonya Howell ($1000)

Edgecombe Early College High School

Jilianne Leary ($2500)

North Edgecombe High School

Trente’ Dickens ($2500)

Dykueliah Whitehead ($1000)

Jessica Kenney ($1000)

Diana Leyva ($1000)

SouthWest Edgecombe High School

David Parisher ($2500)

Ali Ramirez-Garibay ($1000)

Elijah Sherrod ($1000)

Jack Coltrane ($1000)