ECPS Parent Portal Reopened

“ECPS looks forward to parents taking full advantage of the functionality and versatility of Parent Portal. The product offers an excellent opportunity for parents to monitor their student’s attendance and grades in real-time, allowing concerns to be addressed in a timely manner,” said Nai Barnes, District PowerSchool Manager.

“There is also a mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices,” added Barnes.

Janet Morris, ECPS Director of Accountability, explained that the Portal is an excellent opportunity for parents to become more involved in their child’s education.

“More than ever, parent/guardian involvement is critical to the academic success of our children.  The Parent Portal increases collaboration and accountability among all stakeholders, offering real-time communication on the performance of our students,” Morris said.

The Parent Portal will allow parents to view grades and attendance for their children.  Currently, teachers, counselors, and principals can pull up student information and records like absences and grades at a glance.  With the Parent Portal, parents will be able to do the same.  In this way, parents can keep track of their student’s academic progress to help with their educational success.

To gain direct access into the Parent Portal system, there are passwords needed.  Parents will be able to set up their own passwords and user rights after they have received access to the Parent Portal.

Parents who used the system last school year will use their same username and password information this school year. New parents or parents who did not use the system last school year can sign up at their children’s schools. 

Parents with children in more than one school will have the option to establish a single sign-on to connect to all of their children’s grades and attendance.  Parents will have to do the linking but they can receive assistance from the schools.