Social & Emotional Essentials for Parents During the Pandemic

The current pandemic has left all of our families with the feeling of uncertainty and adapting to change. Well, don’t feel alone and know there are some steps to help make things a little better.

You may watch all six sessions if you were unable to attend our 6-Part Series titled:

Social & Emotional Essentials for Parents during the Pandemic. 

Session 1 - Recognizing Symptoms and Normalizing Behaviors
Session 2 - Setting Yourselves and Your Kids Up for Success
Session 3 - Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Session 4 - Time Management and Maintaining Routines: Adjusting to the Times
Session 5 - Maintaining Diet/Exercise in the Midst of Chaos
Session 6 - Developing, Securing, and Monitoring School and Community
Relationships / Wrap Up