District 5: Ann Kent

Mrs. Ann R. Kent

Employment: Retired from Edgecombe Community College after working from 1980-2018. She served as an instructor, coordinator and department chair in the Developmental Studies program. 

Volunteer Work: Ann Elise Roberson Kent was originally elected to the Edgecombe County Board of Education in 1994. She has served numerous consecutive terms as the Board Vice Chair and two terms as Board Chair. She serves as chair of the Policy Committee and serves on the Bond Committee. 

Mrs. Kent attended East Carolina University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Intermediate Education with a concentration in language arts and science and a certificate in reading “A” in 1979. She then returned in 1984 to attend graduate school and earned a Master’s degree in reading education and a certificate in reading “G” in 1987. Mrs. Kent went back to East Carolina in 1987 to receive a specialist degree in reading education and learning disabilities in 1992; she also earned a reading “AG” certificate.

Mrs. Kent has served on several local committees and boards at W.A. Pattillo A+ School, Stocks Elementary and Tarboro High School. 

Personal: She is married to John E. (Rusty) Kent, Jr. and they have four adult children and seven grandchildren. All attend public school.  

Statement from Ann Kent:

“Some of our greatest priorities include: 
1) Budget. We are watching the use of every dollar very carefully as funding streams continue to shrink. We must remain fiscally sound and do our best to protect and provide services for the classrooms. 
2) Superintendent Selection. Having worked with different superintendents and several interims since 1994, I understand how a change in leadership can affect the district. Superintendent John Farrelly is an excellent leader, who has built strong leadership for our district at the school level and in Central Services.
3) Technology Advances. We must continue to push forward in this area. Our graduates must be ready to keep up in the 21st century work force.
4) Work force Preparedness. Our students must be well-educated, but also must have the “soft” skills expected by employers.” 

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to represent District 5 on the Board of Education and appreciate our community’s support,” said Kent. “I feel an obligation to inform my constituents about the Board’s accomplishments and goals for the future of education in Edgecombe County. I’d like to encourage everyone to monitor the district’s web site www.ecps.us and contact me directly with questions, concerns, or compliments for the district.”
  • East Carolina University
Degrees and Certifications:
  • Bachelor of Science in Intermediate Education
  • Certificate in reading “A”
  • Master's Degree in Reading Education
  • Certificate in reading “G
  • Specialist Degree in Reading Education and Learning Disabilities
  • Certificate in reading “AG”
Address: 309 Cambridge Dr., Tarboro, NC 27886
Phone: (252) 823-7862