Expanded Impact Teacher

Expanded Impact Teachers, also known as EITs, plan and deliver in-person instruction for more students than the typical teacher and / or take on additional instructional responsibilities.  In Edgecombe County Public Schools, students may rotate between face-to-face learning with the EIT and learning supervised by a Reach Associate, Teacher Assistant, or another staff member. The EIT is responsible for setting a vision for student success; planning, preparing, and delivering rigorous instruction; and monitoring student progress to determine instructional needs. EITs may also be responsible for supervising a Reach Associate or Teacher Assistant.  Successful candidates for Expanded Impact Teacher roles have a record of high achievement, a strong desire to directly impact more students on a daily basis, a deep belief in the learning potential of all students, and a commitment to developing their craft.


Letter of Interest (PDF File)
Please provide a letter of interest describing your specific reasons for interest in the Expanded Impact Teacher position, the school(s) and / or grade spans you'd like to be considered for, as well as past and present employment history that would enable your talents to be employed in this position.  Specifically address your strengths as they relate to the competencies outlined in the job description. 
Resume (PDF File)
High-Growth Data and Narrative (PDF File)
Please provide a copy (uploaded as a PDF) of at least one year of high-growth student data.  Multiple years of high-growth student data are preferred.  If you have been a teacher leader with responsibility for the teaching success of other teachers, please report on their results, as well. This data can include EVAASTM (Education Value-Added Assessment System) data, or other appropriate data utilized by out-of-state school system/districts.  
Include (uploaded as a PDF) a narrative description of your data for each year.  The submission should be no more than 3 pages total, and should include a visual display with clear labels of what the data is. Please include the following in either the narrative or visual display:
  • Your name
  • School or department where you worked for each set of data you include
  • Time frame for the data (e.g., 2016-17 school year)
  • Subjects and grades (e.g., 3rd grade mathematics) for the data
  • The number of other teachers led, if applicable
  • Data source (e.g., EOG/EOC tests, state proficiency exams, teacher-created assessments)
  • Baseline to which you are comparing your students to demonstrate how you are measuring your success
  • Student growth rates
  • A description of your specific contribution to the data outcomes
Most Recent Evaluation (PDF File)
Please provide a copy (uploaded as a PDF) of your most recent, annual (summative) evaluation completed by your immediate supervisor in your present position.
Teacher Match Application (for Non-ECPS Employees):
Upon completion of this online employee application, please complete the Teacher Match Application (required for all ECPS employees) found on the ECPS website.  
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