Reach Associate

Reach Associates, also known as RAs, are critical to the learning process in Opportunity Culture schools.  In Edgecombe County Public Schools, they assist with instruction and may take responsibility for the non-instructional duties of one or more teachers.  While the specific duties of the Reach Associate vary by school, RAs work closely with the teaching staff to ensure student learning is purposeful and time is maximized.  Successful candidates for Reach Associate positions have a record of high achievement, operate with urgency and a deep desire to serve others, and believe in the learning potential of all of their students.


Letter of Interest (PDF File)
Please provide a letter of interest describing your specific reason for interest in the Reach Associate position, the school(s) you’d like to be considered for, as well as past and present employment history that would enable your talents to be employed in this position.  Be sure to provide detail as to your ability to work with students and carry out specific instructional duties / tasks to further educational learning opportunities for students.
Resume (PDF File)
Most Recent Evaluation (PDF File)
Please provide a copy of your most recent annual (summative) evaluation completed by your immediate supervisor in your present position.
Teacher Match Application (for Non-ECPS Employees):
Upon completion of this online employee application, please complete the Teacher Match Application (required for all ECPS employees) found on the ECPS website.  Be sure to select the RA position as your area of interest for employment.
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