Meet An ECPS Student

Futures Reimagined
Meet ECPS Student Brittany

"ECPS is committed to being intentional in creating the BEST spaces for students to learn and grow as they discover their passions in life."

- Kelsey Ballard, Principal, West Edgecombe Middle School

Futures Reimagined means that every student challenge--no matter how big or how small--is an opportunity for our staff to work together with the student to enhance their resilience and help them find their passion. When one young student, Brittany, began 9th grade at ECPS, she was so shy she could barely speak a word in class. 

Her stomach would twist in knots before group projects or lessons that required team participation. But ECPS’ strategic plan focuses on more than just strict academics. We believe that social-emotional learning and instructional supports are just as important for our students’ growth. Thanks to this vision, Brittany’s teacher was able to sit down with her, one-on-one, to talk about what was going on. The two were able to form a plan together to help Brittany overcome her shyness. 

It happened slowly. She started by tentatively raising her hand, and with the encouragement she needed, felt more and more confident in the classroom. Now, this bubbly young student has the confidence to speak up in class, engage with her peers and lead groups. She hopes to become a veterinarian one day. Her confidence has blossomed enough that she wants to own and operate her very own clinic for animals. And THAT is truly a future reimagined.