Partner with ECPS 

Futures Reimagined
How YOU Can Partner With ECPS

"Our district's vision has given me the guardrails to do something bold and magical for our students. Not at some other time, some other day, but here in this moment. We are on the edge of something truly special for our children."

- Donnell Cannon, Principal, North Edgecombe High School

Our students have big dreams inside and infinite possibilities ahead--and together, as a community--we can help them accomplish their goals. Here are just a few ways to support our students: 

  • Create internships and other opportunities for ECPS scholars to explore future career pathways
  • Volunteer at your neighborhood school by mentoring a student, reading to a class, leading a club or monitoring students during testing
  • Donate to the innovative initiative that speaks to you the most
  • Employ ECPS students and graduates
  • Share the Futures Reimagined vision with friends, family members and colleagues