Updated COVID Procedures

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services recently announced changes to the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit that took effect on Monday, February 21, 2022.

The major change to ECPS protocols is that contact tracing is no longer required and students exposed to COVID, including household contacts, will not need to be excluded from school for a quarantine period as long as they have no symptoms. Students who are COVID positive or have COVID-like symptoms will continue to be excluded from school. Please note, this new guidance ONLY applies to individuals who remain asymptomatic.



StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit






Staff and students who have symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, should get tested and isolate from others while waiting for a result. If testing is not possible, follow the guidance below as if you are positive.



Isolation requirements


Staff and students who test positive, regardless of vaccination status, and: 


  • Do not have symptoms – should isolate yourself from others for 5 days.

  • Have symptoms – should isolate from others until fever-free and symptoms are improving. You should isolate yourself for at least 5 days since your symptoms began.