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The SchoolNet Assessment system (also known as the Instructional Improvement System) is one piece of the HomeBase system released to North Carolina school districts.   ECPS will offer district benchmarks and Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) through MasteryConnect/CASE21 this year -- but SchoolNet can be used as a supplement to developing and offering local assessments.   Please contact Kevin Roberts, ECPS District SchoolNet Coordinator, for more information.   
Kevin's Email:   Phone:  252.907.5367

Home Base Gets New and Improved Website

Home Base now has a crisp presence online with a new website designed by the NC Department of Public Instruction to provide user-friendly information about the state's suite of digital tools that are helping empower teachers, engage students, support administrators and connect parents to their child’s personalized learning.

The website is a guide to the basic components and features of Home Base and its critical function for the state's Digital Learning Plan Initiative, which is helping drive innovative practice and improve teaching and learning for all students. Teachers, administrators and parents will find useful information about each application that comprises the whole of Home Base.

Authenticated users will also have easy access to the applications through the Home Base Sign-in link.

Please bookmark this URL ( and use it often! Questions and feedback concerning the site may be addressed to


Animation Video: North Carolina’s Vision for K-12 Education

Here is an animated video you can share on your school’s welcome page to introduce newcomers to Home Base and how it supports teaching and learning.


Video Description: As teachers, principals, parents, and administrators, we're all responsible for providing our children with an education that properly prepares them for their next big steps after graduation — college, career and adulthood. Here’s how we’re helping every student to be READY for their next steps.

The Schoolnet Assessment Training PowerPoint is available for review.
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Schoolnet Assessment Resources are available.
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NCDPI's Resources on Developing Classroom and District Assessments in Schoolnet are located here.
PowerSchool Questions:  Please contact Nai Barnes at 641-2676 or
Schoolnet/Instructional Improvement System Questions:  Please contact Kevin Roberts at
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