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School Test Coordinators

Welcome to the ECPS School Test Coordinator page!    This page will house reference materials for our School Test Coordinators and their backups.
Testing Code of Ethics:   North Carolina's guide for administering state tests in a fair and ethical manner can be found here:
Test Plans:  All state tests and district benchmarks require a Test plan be completed, signed by the Principal, and faxed to the testing office two weeks prior to testing.
 EXTEND1 Rosters:   It is important that schools serving students identified as EXTEND1 submit a roster of names and their assessor(s) to the testing office monthly (beginning in October of each year) as changes occur.
Medical Exceptions:  In rare cases, some students are not able to participate in state testing due to medical concerns.  In these cases, schools must apply for a Medical Exception through the NC Department of Public Instruction.
10/20 Day Rule:  Students in an End of Course subject area must follow the 10/20 day enrollment rule. 
STC Accounts Needed:  School Test Coordinators should create accounts per the guidance found here.
ECPS Online Testing for 2018-19 school year:
            All NC Final Exams (including elem/middle schools)
            EOCs (including Math I in 8th grade)
            Science EOGs (grades 5 and 8)
            Reading and Math EOGs at Phillips, West, South, and HOPE
            Math EOGs at MMA and Pattillo
NC Final Exams in Elementary/Middle Schools:  Not all classroom teachers have to administer the NCFEs in their classrooms at the elementary/middle school level.  Schools must complete a template indicating which teachers/classrooms will be participating in the NCFEs each year.