Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a combination of strategies designed to:
  • Teach and encourage respectful, responsible behaviors (practices)
  • Use data continuously to support decision making (data)
  • Create an individualized, total school climate that supports staff and students behavior and encourages family engagement (systems)

School-Wide PBIS is:
  • For all students
  • A general approach to preventing problem behavior
  • Based on a long history of behavioral practices and effective design and strategies

Schools implementing PBIS are experiencing these outcomes:
  • More instructional time
  • Improved student and staff attendance
  • Increased student proficiency
  • Increased parent participation and partnerships
  • Improved community involvement and support
  • Decrease in staff turnover

Schools implementing PBIS create a continuum of Behavior Support for students.
  • Intensive, Individual Interventions
    • Functional Behavior Assessment & Behavior Intervention Planning
  • Targeted Group Interventions
    • Social Skills Instruction
    • Reinforcement of Specific Skills
    • Group Behavior Strategies 
    • Classroom Coaching
  • Universal Intervention
    • School-wide Rules and Procedures
    • Systematic Reinforcement
  • Social Skills Instruction
    • Culturally Responsive Practices
    • Data-Based Decision-making
    • Parent and Community Partnerships