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If you are new to Edgecombe County and have a child who has been receiving special education services, contact the school in your attendance area and provide them with documentation of your child’s special needs (i.e., a copy of the student’s Individualized Education Program).  When school is not in session, you may contact the Dr. Reida Roberts at Central Services by calling (252) 641-2671.

If you are concerned that your child might be in need of special education and/or related services, you should contact your school principal, Student Services Team, or school Exceptional Children’s case teacher.

If you have questions or concerns about your child's education that cannot be answered at the school level, please contact EC director Dr. Reida Roberts at Central Services by calling (252) 641-2671.

Exceptional Children’s Personnel
Exceptional Children’s Personnel are responsible for providing information and assistance to school personnel who are responsible for assuring that all procedures that apply to students with disabilities are implemented according to the intent and letter of the law.  In addition, the staff provides training to school personnel on laws/policies and effective classroom practice. Exceptional Children’s Personnel also consult with parents who need information about specific disabilities, community resources, or have concerns about their child’s education.

Child Find
If you have concerns that your child or child you work with may be a child with a disability who requires special education services please contact your child’s school and ask to speak with your Exceptional Children’s Case Teacher or Principal.

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