Department Overview

The Construction Department is responsible for performing carpentry work in the alteration, repair, and maintenance of the buildings. Our carpenters repair, install, and maintain windows, window frames, moldings, ceilings, walls, sheetrock/paneling, blinds, sidewalks, carpeting, vinyl flooring, etc., as necessary. The Construction Department is responsible for general maintenance as well as minor renovations.


Roofers maintain our roofs, roof drains, and gutters.


Our employees also conduct preventative maintenance checks for issues such as broken windows, damaged floor tile, baseboard falling down, and ceiling tile that needs to be repaired or replaced.



 The Electrical Department is responsible for providing electrical maintenance, repairs, and renovation services to our facilities. The electricians perform emergency and routine work on electrical panels, switches, receptacles, light fixtures, emergency lighting, and parking lot lighting.



The Grounds Department is responsible for working to ensure the grass at each campus is cut during grass growing season.  They are also responsible for maintaining fencing, gates, mowing ditches, cleaning and repairing storm drains and maintaining parking lots and roads.  Each winter they conduct playground inspections and preventative maintenance on our playgrounds.



The HVAC Department is responsible for maintenance and repairs to mechanical systems in our buildings. The HVAC technicians install, maintain, and repair heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment, and exhaust fans. They replace the air filters for all air handlers.

They also provide maintenance and repairs to all kitchen equipment including such items as ice machines, steamers, fryers, coolers, freezers, and serving lines.



The Plumbing Department is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of piping, sinks, toilets, and urinals throughout our facilities. The plumbers troubleshoot malfunctions and initiate repairs. In addition, the plumbers perform preventive maintenance on eye wash stations and restroom fixtures.


Safety and Environmental

The Safety and Environmental is responsible for installing and maintaining fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems in Kitchens, fire sprinkler systems, underground storage tanks, AED's, and laboratory safety equipment. 


They manage the OSHA, EPA, and AHERA related programs, conduct asbestos inspections and maintain the asbestos management plans, oversee the science safety program and dispose of chemical waste, manage corrective actions for fire, electrical, health, risk management, and playground inspections, manage the Vector safety training program, manage the pest control and Integrated Pest Management program, conduct indoor air quality inspections, and manage the elevators.


Security /  Locksmith

The Security Department is responsible for managing security needs throughout the schools, managing door security and visitor management.


The Telecommunication Technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining security alarm systems, intercoms, bell schedules, and security cameras.


The Locksmith is responsible for maintaining our key system. The locksmith implements key/lock changes, makes keys, controls and issues keys, repairs locks as required, and installs and maintains all doors.



The Custodial Department is responsible for providing equipment and cleaning technique training to school and site custodians.  They also manage the annual school cleanliness inspections.