The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act  is a piece of federal legislation that addresses the education of children and youth in homeless situations. This federal law entitles children who are homeless to a free, appropriate public education and requires schools to remove barriers to enrollment, attendance, and success in schools. Edgecombe County Public Schools provides services that include immediate enrollment, a school selection that promotes stability, and other supports.


This Act protects all students who do not have a fixed, regular, and adequate residence, such as students living in the following situations:

  •       doubled-up housing with other families or friends due to hardship
  •       runaway youth
  •       hotels or motels
  •       shelters
  •       cars, abandoned buildings, the street, or other public spaces
  •       campgrounds or inadequate trailer homes
  •       abandoned in a hospital
To obtain more information about services provided to homeless youth and how to access services, please contact: Dr. Chanda Battle: [email protected].



As required by the North Carolina Constitution and North Carolina law, the Edgecombe County

Board of Education (the “Board”) is committed to providing a free public school education to all

children who are legally entitled to enroll in the school system. In accordance with the McKinneyVento Homeless Assistance Act and the North Carolina State Plan for Educating Homeless Children, the Board will make reasonable efforts to identify homeless children and youth of school age located within the area served by the school system, encourage their enrollment, and eliminate barriers to their receiving an education that may exist in school system policies or practices. Based on individual need, homeless students will be provided services available to all students, such as preschool, free or reduced price school meals, services for English learners, special education, career and technical education (CTE), academically or intellectually gifted (AIG) services, and before- and after-school

Care. The provisions of this policy will supersede any and all conflicting provisions in Board policies that address the areas discussed in this policy. To read the full ECPS Board policy click here.


The McKinney-Vento Definition of Homeless


Supporting the Education of Unaccompanied Students Experiencing Homelessness


Part B—Education for Homeless Children and Youths


Homeless Program Monitoring


North Carolina Homeless Education Program