ZScaler Security Certificate

Why Does the ZScaler Certificate Have to Be Installed?

In order to access secure websites that start with https:\\ the Zscaler certificate needs to be installed. If it not anytime you try to access a secure website you will get a warning message. All Edgecombe County Public Schools owned computers with Windows will receive the certificate automatically. If for some reason the certficate is not on your device the directions below will show you how to install it manually. 

Will My Personal Devices Need the Certificate?

If you do not want constant warning messages from secure https:\\ sites you will need to install the certificate to your personal device (Smart Phones, personal laptops, etc.)  The Zscaler certificate does not filter your device once you disconnected from Edgecombe County Public Schools' network.  Please remember that when you are connected to our network you are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy that all staff, students, and guests are required to agree to access the Internet even with your personal device. 

Instructions for: