Have your heard about the ECPS Scholar Teachers Program?

Our first two cohorts of Scholar Teachers are taking Cadet 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses with Leigh Ann Webb, Scholar Teacher Instructor. They are also working every week in ECPS classrooms with mentor teachers and also engaging in other place-based learning experiences. Additionally, these students are taking rigorous college-level courses and will have completed 50-60 hours of college credit by the time the graduate from us.
Through this program, these young scholars will have incredible pre-college preparation to become teachers; will develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to teach; and will begin to see Edgecombe County as a future community in which they could work, live, and serve.
The Scholar Teachers Program will return 50 Scholar Teachers to our county over the next 10 years to educate our workforce and to become change-makers in our schools and community. We are excited about the positive cycle this will create in Edgecombe County as well as the lasting impact on our region!
For more information or to learn how you can support the Scholar Teachers Program, please contact Edgecombe Early College Principal Matt Smith at msmith@ecps.us.