Science Teacher Expands Program at Pattillo Middle School

The conference was made possible through a grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation to provide science, technology, engineering and math-based opportunities for students in rural counties of North Carolina.


During the conference, she was able to review inquiry-based lessons, create hands-on learning environments and learn how to incorporate engineering into every lesson.


Mongillo also had the opportunity to work alongside scientists in the lab, learn about their new discoveries and research genetically modified foods.


Upon completion of this conference, every teacher who attended was offered the opportunity to bring their students to NCCU for a hands-on lab with scientists and a tour of the NCCU Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise building. Pattillo’s sixth-grade classes visited Central’s lab in September.


“The visit to the science lab was fun and exciting. I enjoyed the hands-on activities,” said student Derrick Bailey.


“After visiting the lab at North Carolina Central, I am thinking about a career in science working in a laboratory,” said student Jusiyah Pettaway.

Mongillo wanted her students to experience the level of learning she was exposed to over the summer. With community support, she was able to use a donation through Donor’s Choose to purchase supplies for every student in the sixth grade. She purchased lab aprons and gloves, sweep nets, insect boxes and field research guide books.

These supplies have allowed her students to study with chemical mixtures to ensure safety and to deepen their understanding of the properties of matter, mixtures and melting/freezing points. With the donation of sweep nets and insect boxes, students go outdoors and study the environment - big and small.


“The lessons we have learned have encouraged me to spend a lot of time outside during my free time. I enjoy exploring nature and appreciating our environment,” said Pettaway.