Innovation Spotlight: ECPS I-Zone officially launches

"These three schools are undergoing a transformation, with the ultimate goal of helping kids realize their life purpose so that when they reach a crossroads in their lives, they will know where they want to go and who they want to be," said North Edgecombe High School principal Donnell Cannon.


Dubbed the "North side Innovation Zone," educators in these schools have spent the summer learning about cutting-edge practices in K-12 education and dedicating themselves to implementing these strategies in ways that are culturally-responsive and equity-focused. From project-based learning, to the No-Nonsense Nurturer approach to relationship-building, to data-driven instruction, students on the North side will be challenged and supported as they strive to be their best selves.


"We have amazing students and a fantastic staff," says Coker-Wimberly principal Katie Row. "I have no doubt that this is going to be a successful year in the I-Zone."


Stay tuned for updates on the Innovation Zone throughout the year, and contact Erin Swanson, Director of Innovation, at [email protected] if you want to support these efforts as a volunteer, donor, or future staff member.


Pictured - Students at Phillips Middle School complete a design challenge on the first day of school to demonstrate that they will become the architects of their own lives.