Schools to Participate in North Carolina Crunch

The local event will include the “North Carolina Crunch” at noon with all thirteen cafeterias participating. Students will “CRUNCH” into North Carolina apples from Henderson County. Other activities will include a coloring contest, a visit from the North Carolina Farm to School mascots and “Fruitsie Tootsie”. In addition, Rev. Richard Joyner, a local farmer, will conduct a “taste test” of delicious cucumbers at Princeville Elementary School. These cucumbers were grown on his farm in Conetoe.

The North Carolina Crunch promotes healthy eating and supports farm to school and other local food purchasing initiatives throughout the state. It’s also a fun way to connect food and agriculture to all kinds of classroom curricula – from science to art!

For more information, or to "crunch" with us, please contact ECPS Director of Child Nutrition Ruth McDowell at 252-641-2636. For more information about the North Carolina Crunch, visit