By the time they are 25....

Hundreds of people have weighed in -- students, alumni, parents, pastors, business and non-profit leaders, health-care workers, teachers. They've identified five key "graduate aims" that will provide inspiration and direction for the school system in the years to come:


1. Graduates will know their purpose and passion, and be living this out

2. Graduates will possess global awareness and agency

3. Graduates will be making positive contributions to their community

4. Graduates will create or seize opportunities to return to - or stay - in Edgecombe County

5. Graduates will be resilient in the face of challenges


We are already driving towards these aims, and working at "doing school differently" in the future to ensure that this vision becomes a reality. We welcome your feedback, both on the aims themselves and how we can design incredible learning experiences for our students and graduates. Thank you for supporting Edgecombe County Public Schools!