ECPS Educational Foundation: Growing Our Own Teachers

Meet our ECPS Scholar Teachers!  These aspiring educators are preparing to be ECPS teachers one day! Four Teacher Cadet classes. 200 internship hours working in ECPS schools. Mentoring with ECPS teachers and learning from the best!   Who better to become our next generation of teachers than our current generation of Edgecombe scholars? 
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Community donations to the ECPS Educational Foundation support our ECPS Scholar Teachers Promise Scholarship. Recipients of this highly competitive scholarship loan sign a promissory agreement to return to ECPS after college to teach in our schools. The scholarship loan is similar to the NC Teaching Fellows, but it is specifically for ECPS Scholar Teachers who commit to returning to ECPS to teach. 
Think "by us, for us."  Think "growing our own."  Think "investing in our future."
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