Transportation Overview

The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide the safest, most reliable transportation possible for all our students.

The Transportation Department serves 15 schools. During the normal school day, our fleet of 116 buses travel approximately 6900 miles per day transporting 4300 students. Twelve (12) spare buses are available for use during breakdowns and routine preventative maintenance services. Our school buses are all diesel powered with automatic transmissions and range in age from 1988 to current with a life expectancy of 20 years or 200,000 miles. Preventative maintenance is scheduled for every vehicle throughout the fleet at 6,000 mile intervals and all buses are required to have a safety inspection every thirty (30) days.

School bus routing is done through the Transportation Information Management System (TIMS), a comprehensive database and geocode road base. The routes are generated and optimized for effectiveness and efficiency.
Our department is responsible for
  • Maintenance and use of school buses and activity buses
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all county vehicles
  • Certification of bus drivers
  • Safety inspections of all buses
  • Bus routing
  • Driver education
Rhonda Wainright
Transportation/Drivers Ed Supervisor
412 Pearl Street
Tarboro, NC  27886
Phone: (252) 641-2660
FAX: (252) 641-2661