Professional Work Experience Credit

Service Not Recognized
Service as a tutor, clerical paraprofessional, or day-to-day substitute teacher is not recognized for professional educator experience credit. Experience credit is not awarded for a period of time designated as a leave of absence except as required by Workmen’s Compensation and the Uniform Services Employment Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA). Long-Term substituting may count toward experience credit. Submit substitute experience verification on Form E (section B).

Instructional Teaching Assistant Service
Service as an instructional teaching assistant qualifies for experience credit. One year of experience credit is awarded for each two years of service as an instructional teaching assistant before the bachelor’s degree was earned. One year of experience credit is awarded for each year of service as an instructional teaching assistant after the bachelor’s degree was earned. Use Form E (section B) to have instructional teaching assistant service verified. All Non-Teaching experience verification forms must also have an official job description attached or it will not be considered. Official means on company letterhead with employer signature or if can't be put on letterhead, it must have a signature of an official from the company.

Professional School Experience Service
Credit awarded for professional school experience is calculated according to these rules:
  • Full-time work in a school unit of not less than six calendar months within one fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) earns one year of experience credit (excluding experience in a one-teacher private school).
  • Part-time work requires a minimum of 15 hours per week to establish experience credit in a school unit. One year of experience can be earned, if the experience totals 6 calendar months of full-time experience during a single fiscal year.
  • Partial years of full-time or part-time experience can be combined for experience credit. For example, two years of part-time work can be combined for one year of experience, if it is equivalent to 6 months of full-time experience. Full-time experience of less than 6 calendar months in a fiscal year can be combined with another partial year of part-time or full-time experience to equal one year of experience credit.

Use Form E (section A) to get Professional (teaching) experience credit verified.

Credit for College Teaching Service
Credit for college teaching experience is calculated as follows: teaching two courses (six semester hours or class hours) is considered half-time work; teaching four courses (twelve semester hours or class hours) is considered full-time work.

Use Form CE to get Post-Secondary (college/university) Teaching Experience verified.

How to Apply for Experience
Employed educators should submit all experience verification forms to the Licensure Specialist. The fee for requesting experience credit is $60 and must be paid by VISA or MasterCard and the fee is non-refundable regardless if experience credit is granted. The Licensure Specialist will make the request via the on-line licensure system.

If the educator is not employed with a school system, the educator can make the request to add experience through the on-line licensure system. The experience forms will need to be uploaded when making the request.

Forms You May Need: