Facilities Usage Procedure

To use an ECPS facility for non-school related events, please complete and submit the Facility Usage Application

Rules and Regulations for Reservation of ECPS Facilities
1. An application is required for every instance of public/non-school use of facilities.

2. An authorized custodian will open the building, remain present at all times during the applicant’s use, and will close and secure the building at the conclusion of the use.

3. The applicant agrees to assume financial responsibility for any damages or losses sustained to the school building, furniture, equipment, or grounds accruing through the occupancy or use of said facilities by the applicant.

4. Any alterations to electrical, structural, or other building features or equipment are prohibited except as approved in writing and supervised by the Director of Maintenance.

5. The applicant agrees to maintain proper use of facilities and restore them to the condition existing prior to the event. If conditions warrant, the district retains the right to assess additional fees to cover the district costs of cleaning or restoring the facility to its original condition and the user’s permit will be suspended until payment is received.

6. The applicant agrees to abide by all applicable laws and ECPS policies prohibiting weapons, smoking, and consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages, intoxicant or controlled substances in any form on any district property. Violation of this regulation shall be justification for immediate termination of the use or event, closing of the facility, and denial of future use requests by this organization or its representatives.

7. The applicant agrees to abide by the hours stipulated in the request: to complete cleaning and removal of all materials from the space; and all participants will exit the building by the expiration of the time requested. There will be no refund of fees if applicant exits early.

8. Any permission granted for the use of school facilities may be revoked without prior notice when need of the property for a school purpose is deemed essential or when the building is needed for a community emergency.

9. If a submission for use of a facility for hours exceeding the 9:00 p.m. limit falls after the Board meets and prior to the next meeting of the Board, approval for use may be granted by the Superintendent and Board of Education Chairperson.

Insurance Requirement
All users, except school-sponsored groups, must furnish a certificate of insurance for general liability coverage with total limit coverage of $1,000,000 for each claim made. Alternatively, the superintendent or designee may require the user group to execute a waiver of liability that states, in accordance with the protection from liability afforded the Board under NC Statute 115C-524, “no liability shall attach to any board of education, individually or collectively, for personal injury or personal property damage suffered by reason of the use of such school property pursuant to (this) agreement.” The user agrees that at all times the school facilities remain under the control of the agents of the governing board of the school district.

Fee Structure
All public/non-school users are expected to pay a facilities use fee at a rate determined to cover the costs of personnel and operating the requested spaces during the requested time period.

5030-R Community Use of School Facilities - Revised 09.12.2022