Accountability Services


It is the Mission of the Accountability Services Department to:

  • Assist schools with the administration of state-required tests

  • Provide high-quality local assessments to our schools

  • Maintain high standards of testing integrity and information management throughout the District and each of our schools.

  • Provide schools and staff with the data and analysis tools needed to promote frequent monitoring and academic growth for every student.


  • Assisting with planning, implementation, and analysis of state tests

  • Monitoring of student progress through the use of NC Check Ins and other formative assessment tools.

  • Coordinating and monitoring the use of PowerSchool for quality input and timely report completion at the district, state, and federal levels.  Including the support and training of school based Data Managers.  

  • Collaboration with other departments and schools to support their use of PowerSchool and support needs based on the Student Information System (SIS)

  • Facilitating the use of our data resources to help analyze student achievement in all subject matters (Check Ins, Schoolnet, SAS EVAAS, etc.)

  • Supporting schools and families with questions regarding online enrollment.

  • Supporting schools and other departments in meeting the needs of our students

Thomas Holland

Executive Director of Accountability, Testing, & Data Analysis
Phone: (252) 641-2639
Email Thomas Holland

Nai Barnes

District PowerSchool Manager/ Testing Assistant
Phone: (252) 641-2676
Email Nai Barnes