The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act  is a piece of federal legislation that addresses the education of children and youth in homeless situations. This federal law entitles children who are homeless to a free, appropriate public education and requires schools to remove barriers to enrollment, attendance, and success in schools. Edgecombe County Public Schools provides services that include immediate enrollment, a school selection that promotes stability, and other supports.

This Act protects all students who do not have a fixed, regular, and adequate residence, such as students living in the following situations:

  •       doubled-up housing with other families or friends due to hardship

  •       runaway youth

  •       hotels or motels

  •       shelters

  •       cars, abandoned buildings, the street, or other public spaces

  •       campgrounds or inadequate trailer homes

  •       abandoned in a hospital

To obtain more information about services provided to homeless youth and how to access services, please contact: Dr. Chanda Battle: Email Chanda Battle.