Volunteers in Our Schools

Edgecombe County Public Schools recognizes the valuable contributions that school volunteers make to the learning process and the educational goals of the school system.  Instructional programs are enhanced through the contributions of students' parents, community members, and local business an industry.  Volunteers contribute time, resources, and expertise that assist the school system in reaching the goal of sound basic education to all children (Board Policy 5015).

All school volunteers are expected to be professional and dependable in their volunteer activities.  School volunteers, depending upon the amount of contact with students, must submit to a criminal background check prior to volunteering.

Process to become a school volunteer:

  • Meet with school-based volunteer coordinator and/or principal to express interest

  • Complete the Volunteer Request Form

Volunteer Request Form

  • Submit the request to the school principal/designee

  • Principal/designee will review the volunteer request form

  • Screening begins along with the criminal background check being conducted based on service level

  • Principal/designee will communicate the approval or disapproval to the volunteer candidate

  • If approved, the assigned tasks will align with the Volunteer Service Level

Volunteer Service Levels

The process for volunteering must be completed annually (including criminal record check if applicable).


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