ECPS Priorities

Futures Reimagined
Our Strategic Plan Priorities

On their very first day of school, each child in our district walks into their classroom with big dreams inside and infinite possibilities ahead. We believe in our students and their boundless potential. Together, alongside our community, we are reimagining an education system that prepares every scholar for a life full of opportunity. As part of this revolution, we’ve identified five key priorities.


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Priority One

Our students deserve a personalized education focused on their individual interests and unique talents--and that’s exactly what they will receive in every Edgecombe County public school. We’re accomplishing this goal by: 


  • Supporting high-quality teaching and learning for all
  • Incorporating social-emotional supports into every student’s personalized learning experiences
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of our special education practices and updating our special education trainings to ensure every student receives the right supports
  • Creating outside-the-box learning and leadership experiences
Priority Two

At ECPS, we’re helping our students imagine a future with no limits. To do so, our teachers must inspire and evoke confidence in our students. That’s why we’re hiring lifelong learners and focusing on their professional development, too. As part of this priority, we’re:

  • Establishing and strengthening our partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education, specifically focusing on increasing our staff diversity
  • Redesigning our educator retention strategies 
  • Developing a robust teacher cadet program at all ECPS high schools
  • Implementing personalized professional development programs for all ECPS staff 
  • Paying our strongest teachers to lead teacher teams, so even more students have access to excellent teachers every year
Priority Three

Every ECPS student has a unique set of values, needs, life experiences and identities--and each of these students deserves the opportunity to design their own future. We’re creating safe, welcoming and inclusive learning spaces to ensure they can do so. Our initiatives include: 

  • Creating an equity audit process 
  • Helping our team members explore their own biases and racial identities, while supporting our leaders to increase equitable practices
  • Revising our policies and procedures to ensure they incorporate trauma-informed, equitable practices 
  • Incorporating more robust student support teams into every school 
  • Closing the opportunity gap through increased educational, career, community and extracurricular opportunities 
  • Ensuring all ECPS students can attend a high-quality pre-K program
Priority Four

We consider students and families lifelong members of the ECPS family, and want to ensure their long-term success. From encouraging early learning opportunities to creating partnerships in our community, we’re always focused on how we can help them thrive. Our next steps in this process include: 


  • Telling our story so every community member understands our vision and needs 
  • Facilitating learning opportunities for our littlest learners (0-4) in the community 
  • Increasing opportunities for our students and graduates by building sustainable community partnerships
  • Creating a “Life Center” that provides services to students--and their families--from birth to 25    
  • Developing family/community teams that identify key barriers to learning and empower us to pursue solutions 
Priority Five

Every department in our district, from maintenance to child nutrition, is focused on reimagining our students’ success and helping them achieve their unique goals. Our departments are implementing a number of initiatives as part of Futures Reimagined, including:

  • Implementing an equity-based funding system 
  • Maintaining all school buildings to ensure maximum learning can occur and optimizing each school’s technological capabilities
  • Realigning roles and responsibilities to strategic priorities 
  • Investing in hardware, software and electrical capacity to empower learning--anywhere, anytime
  • Increasing funding opportunities, including grant proposals